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Wheel in the sky keeps on burning - All the World is a Stage
It's like that, and that's the way it is.
Wheel in the sky keeps on burning
I often find my internal compass pulling towards a particular direction. And I am such an Eastcoast girl, even with my limited exposure to it. And unless it's to a destination off of the mainland, I rarely find my inner compass pulling west. Certainly not any further west then I am already. And yet lately, lately I feel myself leaning west. It's a little off, there's little to no logic to it. Almost as incomprehensable at 5 and a half years ago when I felt myself pulling quite strongly to Florida. Without any previous desire to live in Florida, moving there became all I could think about. An all consuming desire reguardless of having little knowledge or actual love for the state.

And now here I am feeling myself pulling towards the west. Not the northwest or the west coast, which would make much more sense. Not even somewhere as square in the middle as Colorado, which would also make sense as I've been there before and know how completely gorgeous it is. But I feel a strong leaning to the SOUTH west, which confudles me cause I've never really had any specific interest in the SOUTHwest. But lately my compass seems intent on pointing to Arizona. And, well, except for a possible visit - it just AIN'T gonna happen. And yet the internal compass has wavered very little all summer. And on the occasion it DOES waver; it quivers slightly north (damn near middle) to New Brass Key. Which is REALLY strange cause I've always thought of Nebraska as being possibly the most boring state possible aside from Iowa. Even Illinois seems less 'dull and country, through and through' to my mind. And there are some areas of Illinois that are EXTREMELY country. Call me a city girl, I guess.

Nights like tonight when I can't sleep I often day dream (is it really a day dream late at night?) of a long vacation to Arizona (Phoenix in particular) and then driving to Texas. I couldn't forgive myself for going to the southwest and NOT visiting my roomie Tasha in Corprus Christie.

Influence: 'Pandora's Aquarium' - Tori Amos