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Every little thing that I say or do..... - All the World is a Stage
It's like that, and that's the way it is.
Every little thing that I say or do.....
Oh, that's why my player is all 'Madonna, Madonna, Madonna'; because it's not on random play. Doiy.

I spilled latte' all over my new blouse at lunch. And right after the guy at American Bagel complimented me on it, too. :( But on the upside I now smell a whole lot like pumpkin spice latte', so I guess it's not all bad. ;)

Anywho, my ear infection seems to have healed. Doesn't hurt anymore.

Six Flags on Saturday. I think. I hope.

I'm so exciting.
Don't bother to read any of the above. Unless you already did in which case you KNOW that it's utterly pointless. Although..... if I filed my finger nails down to a sharp centered point (the better to claw you with, my dear) then I suppose I wouldn't be so pointless. Heh, yeah, I'm so clever.

Motivation: okay okay
Influence: 'Hung up' - Madonna