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Life is a botch, and then you die, still tryin' to get a piece of that sweet potato pie.... - All the World is a Stage
It's like that, and that's the way it is.
Life is a botch, and then you die, still tryin' to get a piece of that sweet potato pie....
Where are we all? Really? Are YOU happy? Are you where you want to be? Is anybody? I keep thinking my generation's moto is "Yeah, but I've got issues - I'm all fucked up in the head. What's YOUR excuse?" Cause we all think we're unique in that, and not a one of us is.

Wandering around downtown last night waiting for my train, listening to sad love songs and contemplating the past. Thinking about you. I am so glad we talked for two hours tonight, I hadn't even realized how long it had been. I've been so out of touch. My apologies.

Why do I constantly find myself in the position of having to REMIND myself to have a social life? Oh - cause people don't call me like they used to cause no one lives around here anymore. Where I live now is the right place for me now, though, so I guess things aren't really going to change anytime soon. I get lonely, it's the human condition. I guess I'm just a bitch who thinks she's a cat. Or a cat that likes to play.

When does my "someday" begin?
When I'll find someone again
And what if I still am not truly over
What am I supposed to do then?, babe...
Do you see what I'm saying
Even if, if it's not making sense?
So when can I see you
When can I see you again?

I'm sleepy. But I think it'd be healthier to cuddle up with tomorrow and not the past. I don't even have to make it happen cause life might have other plans, but I gotta put it out there and try or else it'll never be.

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Influence: 'When can I see you?' - Babyface